Stephanie Chambers


    • Female

    About the artist

    Lives and works in New York
    2003: Graduated at the Rhode Island School of Design

    Stephanie Chambers statement

    I'm drawn to flatness. There's no room for ambiguity there. As a genderqueer artist, I live with enough ambiguity projected onto me through assigned labels. Currently, I live in Brooklyn, but I grew up in the suburbs on Long Island. The art I make organizes things a bit. It's my response to the constant need of our culture to organize, label, and market to checked off boxes of age, gender, income and education. I redirect this cultural inclination toward organizing to nature and landscape.

    For me, the core of art is visual communication. When I look at my world through that filter I can see how it communicates back to me. Things seem organized through labels because most people agree to a set of operating rules. All I'm doing is taking the organization that I see in my daily world and applying to things I'm trying to understand better like nature, suburban sprawl or death. Things seem less chaotic when they're neatly arranged. If my street wasn't organized it might look like an urban jungle. Imagine if the actual jungle was organized like my street? The paintings I make structure nature through the lens of an organized grid, in the way a park is natural, but planned.

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