Stephanie Peters


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Collage
    • Drawer
    • Installation
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • conceptual
    • Designer
    • Digital artist
    • Illustrator


    Grotto Gallery, Tempe, AZ

    About the artist

    Stephanie Peters is a mixed media artist from the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area. She received her B.A. in studio art and art history from the University of Arizona, in Tucson, in May 2009.

    After receiving her degree, she dabbled in a variety of professions that took her back to D.C., and then back to Arizona, to open an art gallery. After a few years of moving and finding her artistic direction, she has settled as a professional artist working on 2D surfaces living in central Arizona.

    Growing up on a farm outside of Baltimore, Maryland, Peters has always been surrounded by open spaces and bodies of water. Her surrounding landscape has inspired a consistent theme of nature and humanity’s interaction, or reaction with it, over the course of history, in her work. She creates abstracted traditional compositions that covey this relationship with nature and the changing earth. Subjects in her work have previously focused on climate change, animal habitats, and a reflection of current events.

    Her professional career in the arts has led her to a wide variety of paths including community art activist, installation artist, and environmental art activist. She was juried into Verde Valley Land Preservation’s ‘A River Runs Thru Us’ traveling art project that brought awareness to the Verde River. She has been invited as an installation artist for various local festivals and fairs, and performed live painting for events, including with Arizona Pro Arte in Mesa, Arizona. Her series on Natural Disasters was featured in the 2013F issue of Brand, an international art and design magazine. In 2013, she was invited to be a guest speaker for Yavapai College’s OLLI Inside Creativity, and in 2014, she was invited to particpate on an artist panel at Menlo College, California. She has also been included in various group shows across Arizona, California, and New York. In 2014, she had her first solo show at White Hills Gallery, Camp Verde, Arizona. Her work can be found in private collections internationally and across the United States.