sudath abeysekara


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Installation
    • Painter
    • Sculptor


    Art Way Gallery - Colombo - sri lanka

    About the artist

    Being an influential artist in the modern Sri Lankan society, Sudath Abeysekara has introduced many new trends to the arena of Sri Lankan art. He started drawing as a young boy before starting his Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Visual and Performing Art, Colombo in Sri Lanka and held his first solo exhibition in 1999 at the National Art Gallery, Colombo, followed by a number of talked about art exhibitions.

    During my undergraduate art history studies, my imagination was captivated by a masterpiece of sculpture that epitomized, for me, the ideal of youthful vigor. Michelangelo’s David. What

    I could not find in my own rich cultural heritage, I found in the universal heritage of humankind. I see in the biblical figure - who overcomes the brutish militarism of Goliath and the paranoid antagonism of Saul - an inspiring tenacity of will, an earthy spirituality and a full-blooded lust for life. And I see in Michelangelo’s David a powerful icon of youthful beauty, vitality and idealism.

    I had conducted may Exhibition in several countries,

    2002 Royal Overseas Exhibition - Scotland 2003 Royal Overseas Exhibition - England

    2005 Bangladesh Art Exhibition

    2006 Indian Overseas Exhibition

    2010 Bhutan – SAARC Art Café and Art Exhibition

    2014 The 21st Art International Open Exhibition – Korea

    2015 The 22nd Art International Open Exhibition – Korea

    2016 International Art Workshop – China