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    About the artist

    SUSO33, an artist based in Madrid, Spain is a precursor of iconographic graffiti and experimentateur with language in that discipline, as well as a pioneer of Post-Graffiti, Street-Art and Urban Art. He is the most established artist of live painting in Spain. Currently developing a project called “Pintura Escénica en Acción” ("Painting Scene in Action"), he uses multiple art forms to convey global conceptual aspects of communication via performance (art, speech, audio and visual images - painting) to create a live 'performance painting'. Being a pioneer of these various art forms has led to highlighted performer for the Spanish 'La Noche en Blanco' in Europe as well as Director for: opening of Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Almagro, LABoral Centro de Arte and Festival de las Artes, etc.

    SUSO33 is a visual artist, set designer, muralist, video artist and performer. His work is controversial as it is internationally recognized in formal settings such as museums, art spaces and galleries, while its roots and continuous expression are found in public spaces, where the art form is considered illegal.

    SUSO33 claims the public space as his domain to express what is essential in order to communicate between artist and audience. His art is neither graffiti nor 'high art', in fact it breaks down the stereotypes and formality of both labels, focusing more on communication with an audience through a language that is effective, recognizable, poetically direct and intimate. This has led to recognition by both his audience and the media, resulting in multiple instances of related press (over 500) on television, radio, print and digital media since 2004, generating more than 170,000 references on the Internet.

    SUSO33 is famous in the realm of street art for his personal tag (the 'plasta' paint stain), which has personified itself as a symbolic icon for cultural street art in Spain during the 1980s. But his work during the 80s is much more extensive – from the beginning of his first displays on public space in 1984, his artistic development in this medium and activity led to more than 70 solo and group exhibitions, more than 40 performances collaborating with reputable theatre companies, well known Directors of stage and set design, performing in more than 50 cities in Europe, America, and Asia (e.g. New York City, London, Shanghai).