süyümbike güvenç


    • Female
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Collage
    • Designer
    • Illustrator
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Meditative

    About the artist

    Born in 1987 in Istanbul, Süyümbike Güvenç is a multidisciplinary artist, art director and musician. She's been currently living in Munich, Germany and focusing on traditional, meditative painting technique "Ebru/Marbling".

    Her work can be described as an inner look to emotions and expressions of humanbeing, the connection between nature and creatures..The things we can or can't see with the naked eye..

    Bio **Solo Exhibitions

    2003- "Personal Works" / Toscany/ Italy
    2003- "Personal Works"/ Torronteras/ Spain
    2007- "Personal Works" / Ludwigshafen/ Germany

    **Group Exhibitions

    2004- Akyol Art Gallery/Istanbul/ Turkey
    2004- Büyükada Culture Center/ Istanbul/ Turkey
    2007- "KAYIP-LOST" Akabinde Art Group/Istanbul/ Turkey
    2008- "Istanbul in My Dreams" Poster Exhibition / Turkey
    2009- Good 50x70 "Womens Rights Violations / Italy
    2009- "Pippa Bacca: She was the Bride of Peace" International Group Exhibition /Izmir /Turkey
    2009- Graphic Design Works - Group Exhibition /?stanbul /Turkey
    2009- "Müstehcen" Kargart / ?stanbul /Turkey
    2012- "Ikametgah Kadiköy I - Place of Residence: Kadiköy / Istanbul / TURKEY
    2012- "Ikametgah Kadiköy II - Place of Residence: Kad?köy" / Istanbul / TURKEY
    2013 - MIXER "Aç?k Depo/Open Space Group Exhibition" / Istanbul / TURKEY
    2013 - "Friedensbrücke" Group Exhibition / Musikschule Neumünster / GERMANY

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