Tatiana Blanqué Peiró


    • Female
    • Drawer
    • Installation
    • Mixed media
    • Painter
    • Others


    Mh Art Gallery, Bilbao-España
    Sala Nonell, Barcelona-España
    Jorge Alcolea, Madrid-España
    Galería Ormolú, Pamplona-España

    About the artist


    I am descended from a family largely related to the world
    of fashion, photography and design, in which I grew my first
    passion for painting and art.
    My paternal grandmother was a photographer in the Barcelona
    of the early twentieth century and my maternal grandfather
    traveled to the United States in order to import the
    to Spain. So,I guess its history and passion for
    creativity made me become, in a plastic need.
    The search for the “raison d’etre“ is reflected in each of the
    collections that have been made. My need for always finding
    a way out and my persistence in understanding how our
    environment can affect us so directly and he has been and
    remains my “life motive”.
    I want to f ind authenticity in our reality, be whatever, I like
    how and in what way people is reflected in the mirrors and
    as his own shadow defines its reason for being. How we doubled
    us and locked ourselves in chosen sets, sometimes by
    ourselves. I need to pick up small pieces of reality and lock
    them in a geometrically perfect spaces to enjoy them and
    control them.
    At this time, nature, which is directly part of my life, is
    offering me the chance to go into my thoughts. Its purity,
    its real nudity, its capacity of coexistence, its disorderly
    order, its “semiruidoso” silence, the feeling of solitude
    collected, its light, shadows... All played on timeless whi te
    spaces where o n l y e x p l a i n s w h a t o n e w a n t s t o read. Sets
    personal, authentic, translucent, silent, mine and yours.
    After my trip to the University of f ine arts, my artistic journey
    focuses on the international presence with exhibitions
    in Rome, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Andorra, as well as in
    Barcelona, Pamplona, Girona, Lérida and Madrid.
    My taste for writing allowed me to spend 4 years of my life
    to the art in a newspaper criticism, as well as training in
    “Creative motivation”. Now I spend my time painting and
    volume, exhibitions and art fairs, as well as to my creative
    enterprises training sessions and everything that has to do
    with the artistic-
    plastic communication.
    Wish that the passion for my creative quest with all its contents
    and concept can become a part of all of you.