Tatiana Loy


    • Female
    • Drawer
    • Painter

    About the artist

    Tatiana Loy was born in capital Kiev of Ukraine (former USSR) in 1975. She studied Russian classical school of art. At the time of Perestroika, changes also in the art time learned how to combine new trends in painting with its classic style and makes your degree work under the mentorship of the outstanding Ukrainian painter Petro Bevza. At the end of 1990 he emigrated to Ecuador with his parents where continues with studies of art in the workshop of the Spanish painter Miguel Gayo, enriched his style with the techniques of the Spanish School.

    In the year 2010 took the nationality ecuatoriana.
    has 13 exhibitions since 1990 until 2014 in the best and most prestigious art galleries in Ecuador. He has painted about 260 works of which more than 160 were sold in the following countries: Australia, Italy, England, Ecuador, Russia, Panama, Ukraine, USA, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain and Colombia.

    In his paintings surreal or fantastic reality, as she calls him his style, seeks to enter the dream world of our unconscious. At this time of violence in just about everything: music, plastic arts, cinema, theatre and all the everyday experiences as work, the streets and our homes intends to strike a balance and transmit it through his paintings. With its message of non-violence, wants to change the concept of social justice, giving an example of mind positive as the path towards evolution.

    Artists have a gift of seeing reality as it is and not as we created it to each of us and Tatiana usa this view to show us in his landscapes the corners of the earth so common that even passing we look at them, don't we realize the beauty of a road, the mysteries of a forest, the silence of the reflections in the water or musical buzz of the wind in the mountains. She wants to sow the seed of love for nature, so that man can live in harmony with the natural world that surrounds it. To take care of nature we preserve ourselves and open your eyes to the beauty of the world to save us from extinction.

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