The Children Pox

    About the artist

    1982: Juan Zamora was born in Madrid in 1982
    1983: Alejandra Freymann was born in Xalapa, México in 1983
    2006: Juan Zamora studied art at University Gallery AKI, Enschede, Nederland
    2007: Juan Zamora took a degree in fine arts, CES Felipe II, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and begins working with Alejandra Freymann
    2008: Juan Zamora achieved a master's degree in contemporary art, Universidad Europea de Madrid

    The Children Pox is an artistic partnership formed the Spanish Juan Zamora (Madrid, 1982) and the belgomexicana Alejandra Freymann (Xalapa, 1983).
    when Alejandra and Juan are put to work hand in hand the result is always drawings, very small almost in its entirety, cambuci, crossed by narratives that do not feel ashamed of its literary character or its proximity to the world of the enlightenment or the story. about these lately also arise more diverse objects, strange documentation - always fictional, or not-as well as family sagas and stories written in the form of letters, fables, fairy tales...

    papers used as support tend to be very special, dedicating much time to your choice and treatment and care. They find them in old items of stationery, remittances into disuse or forgotten musty stores or things like that; but also are picked up from the street, or find them in old shops, chamarilerias, flea markets, antique books, etc.


    Alejandra and Juan do not live near, or even in the same city: when he was in Madrid and she in Cuenca devised a method of job "in stages", whereby any of them started a drawing, progressing to a certain extent to, then send it to the other by mail postcard. to receive it, this could change by full or simply continue in the direction that seem you best. and thus continue to work until today. the end result has to satisfy them both, and clear, give by concluded a piece is a whole adventure. now that he is in new andork and she from here to there without stopping, continue with this way of drawing to the length and breadth of the world.


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