Thomas Raat


    • Male


    • PAKT

    About the artist

    1979: Was born in Leiderdorp

    In his work, Thomas Raat analyzes the art codes based on tradition and subverting its own rules to try to understand why it is what we perceive art as such and if it is not what may happen to be. Deconstructs modernist forms transforming vertical horizontal Mondrian, appropriating the pictorial language of Barnett Newman using tape as material for expressing philosophical connotations of abstract painting. For this occasion, Raat presents a series of paintings that reference the covers of the books published by Penguin Books that over the years 40 and 70 were engaged in disseminating the works of important thinkers, scientists, philosophers and mathematicians twentieth century. Raat take these covers graphic design as a starting point to reflect on how the universal concepts that address these books are expressed through the abstract language of their covers, joining the avant-garde modern utopia with the design and consumption.

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