Tom Martin


    • Male
    • Hyperrealist

    About the artist

    1986: Was born in Wakefield, UK

    Tom Martin is unique… in his choice of subject matter and his approach to rendering it in paint. He makes no bones about being photographic in his approach, and depending on photographs for his raw material. But in practice his work is hyper-photographic; to coin a phrase: it carries photographic representation further than a mere camera could ever do.

    …Many of the paintings are panoramic, giving the impression that we are seeing not only what is immediately in camera range, but also around corners and exploring depths which would be beyond the capabilities of any one camera to reach. Martin makes clear that his paintings are devised with the aid of many photographs, welded together and reimagined with considerable technical virtuosity and a constructive mastery of perspective remarakable in one so young.

    Consequently, surprisingly, this approach brings Martin closer to the early Pre-Raphaelite practice than most other hyperrealist artists. Though his subject matter - the high tech machine - could hardly be more remote in feeling from the leaves and flowers that preoccupied the Pre-Raphaelite painters, the ultimate hallucinatory effect of seeing more than the human eye – or now, than any camera lens – could ever see at one go is exactly the same.

    From John Russell Taylor in: “Exactitude: Hyperrealist Art Today” (Plus One Publishing, 2009)


    My choice of subject is personal to me, and to an extent me only. The items that feature in my paintings are nothing more than fractions of my everyday life. The imagery in my work, is based upon foods I consume on a daily basis. I find myself fascinated by the way products are packaged, the texts that are used, and the way these items react to light in their surroundings. Occasionally, hard edged pieces of chrome gym equipment find their way into the compositions. These rather banal pieces of steel are far from any idyllic ideas of what is or is not beautiful. However by making ‘super-sized’ paintings of these objects, I am able to pack in many unseen intricate reflections and abstracted bands of colour. The subject becomes fascinating despite its origins, as the viewer is enabled to see closer than we would normally care to do.

    “Although the paintings I make are directly based upon one, or several photographs, I intended to go beyond simply making a copy of a photograph. My aim primarily is to create an impossible existence, a hyper-reality itself. Something which, despite its massively enlarged scale, is questionably real. I make use of various devices to bring forward elements of the composition, whilst pushing other areas back deeper into the painting. I want the subject to appear to project further than the plane of the canvas, to have a presence, putting the viewer somewhere in the physical experience of the painting.”

    Toma Martin

    Source: Plus One Gallery Website


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