Tomasa Martin


    • Female
    • Painter
    • Mixed media


    Galería Benedito, Málaga
    Galería Tuset, Barcelona
    Galería Traç dÁrt, Sabadell
    Galería Rusinyol, Sant Cugat

    About the artist

    Tomasa Martin has a way of doing literary, poetics, being fixed in the small details, in those who construct the dynamics and the argument of them big novels. The pictures are remnants of life, delicate portions of the reality that, beside reflecting her, have the capacity of the evocation and to allow us to make demolish the ideas, facilitate that the imagination runs with all freedom imagining the great history that one hides behind the tracks that she portrays. You will not deny to me that they can give course for any more than one argument or that they can be the epilogue of a powerful and loaded story of chiaroscuro. Congratulations Tomasa for your painting and for this literary capacity that you hoard

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