Tony Plant


    • Male
    • Painter

    About the artist

    Born 1962 Redruth, Cornwall, UK. Lives and works Newquay, Cornwall.
    Chelsea School of Art 1990 Tutor: Roger Ackling

    "Coastlines, and the memories associated with it, change shape daily. My paintings and whole beach drawings are a personal response to spending time at the cross-over between water, rock, sand, weather, memory and time.

    Any kid growing up on a coast learns early, to keep an eye on all the horizons. I was born on the south coast of Cornwall, so understanding what a weather chart on the TV or in a newspaper meant to the ‘real world’ was essential. Beaches changed shape, height, texture and colour, if not hourly at least twice daily… then the storms came. Nothing along this edge is fixed, it never has been.

    By walking forwards, out into empty space, the actual ‘drawing process’ happens out of sight, behind. I need to see the lines being cut into the sand no more than I need to see the finished drawing. I know if it’s worked or not, I can tell whilst it’s happening, it’s a feeling thing" Tony Plant.

    Tony Plant was born in Cornwall in 1962. He graduated from Chelsea College of Art and has been producing work across a diverse range of media since the early 1990s – ranging from video to photography, from performance to painting, sculpture, time-lapses, temporary interventions and drawings in the landscape. His work has recently been shown at The ICA London, Riverside, Opera Australia, Ocean Film Festival, Cornwall Art Biennale etc. In March 2015 he was guest artist at the Bermuda Beach Art Festival and has confirmed events in Iceland and Belgium later in the year. Recent Commissions in Australia, Scotland and Indonesia ensure his work is featured extensively across International and National Media: the Guardian, Zeit, Canal+ TV, thisiscolossal, My Modern Met Blog Times etc. He is a visiting lecturer at many arts institutions and universities across the world, and has been involved in several workshops and mentoring schemes for emerging artists.

    In 1982, following a chance meeting with Richard Long, he ‘dropped out’ of an ill advised technical drawing course to travel through Asia, Australia and Europe, with camera, sketchbooks and surfboard in hand. "I pretended to be a student, just walked into whatever Art College was in front of me and kept a straight face. It was easy, no-one seemed to mind, Sydney and Canberra were my favourites until Chelsea happened."

    With a healthy Portfolio Plant returned to London in 1985 where Proff Andrew Rutherford (Dean of Goldsmiths) advised him to apply to Chelsea School of Art, he was accepted and studied under Roger Ackling. In 1990, after 4 years living in squats he graduated from Chelsea School of Art with a Fine Art Painting Degree.

    "I stayed in London for 2 weeks after graduating from Chelsea, to make it. Looking back, 2 weeks was waaaaay too long. I just wanted to make work not talk about making work. So I left. That was definitely almost one of my better decisions. What wasn’t so clever was, for the next 20+ years, making virtually no attempt to document any of the work I was making? Dumb. Some of it was good. Luckily for me, when I eventually did began recording my work, nearly 7 years ago, it coincided with an explosion in Broadband and digital technology"


    Solo Exhibitions and Projects:

    2016 Solo painting/video/installation show at Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro. Jan – June

    2015 Iceland. Crowd funded project, 150% successfully funded. Travel with ‘extreme photographer’, making and documenting temporary work, 10 days

    2015 Bermuda. 14 day trip to make work (March)

    2015 Belgium. Drawing

    2014 ‘FOREVER Skylarks’ ICA , The Mall. London

    2014 Ocean Film Festival UK, Truro, Birmingham, Malvern, Cambridge, Bristol, London, Poole, Bath, Exeter, Inverness, Leeds, Portsmouth, Llandudno, Brighton Corn Exchange, Whitley Bay

    2014 Greenmount. Opera on the Beach, Coolangatta, Australia, 2 week drawing commission

    2014 International Film Festival Emden-Norderney

    2014 Private Drawings in Public Spaces, Padstow

    2014 A2AA Residency Plymouth College of Art

    2014 Upside Art Festival, Szczcin, Poland

    2014 Ocean Film Festival, Australia. Adelaide, Avoca Beach, Broome, Byron Bay, Cairns, Canberra, Christmas Island, Coral Bay, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Townsville

    2014 16 Seconds, London Short Film Festival. Riverside Studios, London

    2014 Celtic Media Festival, St Ives

    2013 Strimmed Headland. Cornwall Art Biennale, STAGE, Halzephrone House, Gunwalloe, Lizard Peninsula

    2013 Artist in residence at Port Eliot Festival

    2013 Music video with Ruarri Joseph and Tim Boydell

    2013 4 Week drawing Residency, Rame Peninsula

    2013 Folded Rock Drawing. Drawing the Line. Millennium Gallery, St Ives

    2013 River Walk Copper Blue. Cornwall Art Biennale, LIMBO, Truro

    2013 Turn 4,233 Steps. Cornwall Film Festival. Falmouth

    2013 London Short Film Festival

    2013 Exeter University: with A. Huke of ESI Creative Exchange, 3D imaging programmes AND 3D printers

    2013 Melting Ice, Water, Colour. Fish Factory, Falmouth, Group show

    2013 Tree Line instalation. Leopallooza Festival

    2013 FEAST award for the “Big Draw 2012”

    2013 Spin. Asahi. commissioned drawing

    2012 Night walk paintings. Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, solo show

    2012 London Surf Film Festival

    2012 10 ‘Last Tree’ paintings. Truro Cathedral, Cornwall2012 UV Paintings. GreyBlackWhite gallery: solo show

    2012 Art8 Award winner

    2012 Spin. Veuve Cliquo, commissioned drawing

    2012 Fish Factory, Falmouth, Group show

    2011 Drawing Iona, Scotland

    2011 Wooden Pebbles. Fish Factory, Falmouth, Group show

    2011 Save Our Waves. Surfers Against Sewage

    2010 9 paintings about Chance. Plymouth Theatre Royal, Solo Painting show

    2009 Steels into the Atlantic (Flameworks)

    2009 14 second Resins, Fistral beach, Newquay

    2008 Cribbar Steel, swimming for the horizon

    2008 South Fistral Steel2007 Cliff paintings. Fairy House, Newquay


    2014 A2AA Residency Plymouth College of Art

    2013 4 Week drawing Residency, Rame Peninsula, Kingsand

    2013 Artist in residence at Port Eliot Festival

    2011 Drawing Iona, Scotland

    Talks and Lectures:

    2014 Ocean Film Festival UK, Truro

    2014 Practicing Artist Lecture. Coolangatta, Australia

    2014 Practicing Artist Lecture. University Derby

    2014 Practicing Artist Lecture. Plymouth College of Art and Design

    2013 Greenaway, St Ives2012 Truro Cathedral, 10 ‘Last Tree’ paintings

    2012 Eden Project, 10 ‘Last Tree’ paintings


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