Trusto Corp


    • Collective
    • Street art


    About the artist

    "We're an art collective that makes mostly politically charged art, sometimes with a little humor and mostly in an illegal, public context. There is a core group of us here in Brooklyn, and we have an extended group of volunteers cross-country that we ship art packages to. They put up the work in the streets the same way we do, then upload pictures to our Flickr.

    We started making work as a reaction to the political discourse around the 2008 Presidential election and have kept going ever since. Things seem to be getting more and more ridiculous in the national discourse, so we keep getting more and more inspired to make fun of it. We all have day jobs, but Trusto takes up a lot of our time. We try to keep the quality of the work high when it comes to materials, execution, and concept, so it ends up feeling very full-time."

    Trusto Corp

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