Valeria Montti Colque


    • Female

    About the artist

    Lives and works in Stockholm
    1978: Was born in Stockholm


    2011-2012 Student Projects, Video, Fine Arts, Stockholm

    2010-2011 Student Project, Al Fresco, Fine Arts, Stockholm

    2009-2010 Al Fresco Course, Fine Arts, Stockholm

    2007 Stuccu Lustro course, Fine Arts, Stockholm

    2005 Al Fresco Course, Fine Arts, Stockholm

    1999-2004 Master's Degree in Fine Arts, Fine Arts, Stockholm

    1998-1999 Nyckelviksskolan School, Stockholm

    Solo Exhibitions

    2012 La Que Sabe, Candyland, Stockholm

    2008 Romantic Dress, The 1st of modern, Moderna Museet, Stockholm

    2008 Florida Confusion, Mirai Projects, Stockholm

    2005 Dance with Tezcatlipoca, James Konsthall

    Group Exhibitions

    2011 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Lulea Art Gallery, Dubai

    2011 La Jardinera, XISM Vodoo Etnograiska exhibition at the museum, Stockholm

    2009 Tokyo Art Fair, Mirai Projects, Tokyo Japan

    2009 House of Sweden, Washington DC U.S., ReCycle Phoenix, in collaboration with Marcus Martenson

    2008 La Tierra Salvaje, Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm.

    International cooperation Marcus Martenson, Dilomprizulike Nigeria

    2008 El Dorado, Stockholm's Culture Festival in Stockholm in cooperation Marcus Martenson

    2008 Amores perros, Hood Stock, Skärholmen

    2007 Mono City, French Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, in collaboration with Marcus Martenson

    2007 Feminized, Mirai Projects, Stockholm

    2007 Stockholm Art Fair, Mirai Projects, Stockholm

    2007 Karin Wester's Studio, Stockholm

    2006 Machete Miau, Riche, Stockholm

    2006 Tranzformers participating Kjartan Slettermark, University, Stockholm

    2005 Under Construction, Stockholm Kulturl Festival, Culture

    2005 Gallery Skarstedt, Stockholm

    2004 Give me the key to your heart, Moderna Museet, Stockholm


    2011 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Lulea

    2011 Ave Maria I & II. Alesund, Norway

    2011 La Jardinera, Ethnographic Museum, Stockholm

    2011 La Jardinera, Culture Convenience Store Stockholm

    2011 Imortal Love flyes away, DobbleCorazon, Headquarters Stockholm

    2011 Carnaval 2011, Munch Brewery, Stockholm

    2009 Joke Rita Street Performance New York U.S.

    2009 Amores Muertos, the Southern Theatre, Stockholm

    2009 Heyokita, Oslo, Norway

    2009 Plata o Plomo, Edsvik Konsthall, Sollentuna

    2008 Romantic Dress, Wedding, 1st pa Moderna, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, with the Tranzformers and Kjartan Slettemark

    2008 El partido, Stockholm's Culture Festival in Stockholm

    2007 Katchina, Park Theatre, Vitabergsparken Stockholm

    2006 University of Stockholm, the Tranzformers and Kjartan Slettemark, Stockholm

    2006 Robo Birth, the Tranzformers, The Soap Palace, Stockholm

    2006 Street, the Tranzformers, Stockholm

    2006 Rival, the Tranzformers and Kjartan Slettemark, Stockholm

    2006 Salon Giraffe, the Tranzformers, Orion Theatre, Stockholm

    2006 The Last Supper, the Tranzformers, Culture, Stockholm

    2005 Phantom Fury, the Tranzformers, The Suburbia Festival, Botkyrka

    2005 Jacob Konsthall, Jakobsberg

    2005 Phantom Fury, performances with the Tranzformers, Suburbia festival, Botkyrka

    2005 Tezcatlipoca, James Konsthall, Jakobsberg

    2005 Mad Birth, the Tranzformers, Gallery Gummeson, Stockholm

    Public Adornment

    2010 Al seco, Albertus Pictor, Medieval Museum of Stockholm

    2010 schoolyard Remaining Hagaskolan Botkyrka in cooperation Marcus Martenson


    2010 2årigt working grant, Arts

    2010 Paris studio, Art Academy

    2008 International Cooperation, Arts

    2008 Travel Scholarship Art Academy

    2006 1årigt arbetsstipendiumt, Arts

    2003 Stockholm Art Fair, Academic houses, Schoolarship for Art Students

    2002 Liljevalchs Spring Salon Scholarship

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