Verónica Wagner


    • Female
    • Cerámica
    • Painter
    • Installation
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Sculptor

    About the artist

    Veronica Wagner Olavarria, prov.Of Buenos Aires (1980).

    From childhood do already whistling through fine arts, where the experiences and artistic kept scam strong force creative expression through the plastic language.
    study design career in Visual communication, where Tomo tools of learning.But with the need of non-conventional in the field of design, materials and experience other dimensions began studies of the Faculty in fine arts career scam guidance in painting, studying at the Faculty of fine arts of the UNLP.With the adhesion of mixed techniques and tools of both races, raised the plastic language, expressing itself now, in its information work of expression purely conceptual character Abstractas.

    The artist, in addition to painting, also works on different disciplines, son of as sculpture, ceramics and facilities on different media and the use of as many as organic and inorganic materials.At every boot do work, if inspired by the intention of engaging the Viewer, through dialogue generated empre do work and the subject, because sea with the generation of criticism, contemplation or the seduction of capture the look of this, luring him and invite him a service on request of the same work.


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