Veronika Konechnova


    • Female
    • Designer
    • Painter
    • Mosaic


    Gallery artist Veronika Konechnova

    About the artist

    Mosaics, paintings and portraits of the mosaic are presented to you on our website, created by artist-mosaicist Veronika Konechnova.
    As a child, she loved bright colors, fantasy, fairy tales. And becoming the artist has managed to retain the feeling of romance.
    Each mosaic picture she tries to awaken in us a fantasy, dreams. Its mosaic panels emit light, as if inviting the audience to forget about their problems and indulge in sweet nostalgia for his carefree childhood, when the whole world around us has been painted completely different colors.

    Veronica Konechnova gave a lot of work mosaic works that carefully transferred to the finest details.

    Mosaics, paintings Veronika Konechnova contain a puzzle, to encourage the search for an answer, have not disclosed the alluring appeal of mystery, of particular interest the viewer.

    Miracles have to do with their hands. The painter and mosaic artist Veronika Konechnova pursues this principle. All the mosaic pictures, presented in the gallery, made of a unique material - smalt. Veronika divides it on thousands of items, and mixing them together like an alchemist, creating the quintessential mosaic art.