• Male
    • Painter
    • Drawer
    • Hyperrealist
    • Street art


    ArtConnetion Gallery, FortLauderdale, Usa

    About the artist

    He was born in Margarita Island, Venezuela. Viccas is a natural born artist that is moved and defined by his constant interest to create unique visual content.

    From an early age he felt his calling to art and at 12 years old he started painting. Without any professional training he was leaving his mark and trace in the canvas.

    Once he finished his studies in different artistic matters, he taught illustration for six years in two different schools in Caracas, Venezuela: Instituto de Diseño de Caracas and La Escuela Superior de Diseño.

    At the moment, Victor is presenting a painting collection of acrylic on canvas in which is shown through jazzy colours iconic characters or objects.

    Advertising design, Illustration and Graphic Design: University of Southern Mississippi in USA

    Publicity and Drawing courses: Escuela Superior de Diseño in Caracas, Venezuela

    His paintings have been exhibited in places around the world:

    - Sofia, Bulgaria.
    - Málaga, Spain.
    - Alicante, Spain.
    - Madrid, Spain.
    - Florida, USA.
    - Caracas, Venezuela.
    - Margarita Island, Venezuela.
    - Bogotá, Colombia.