Vikram Kushwah


    • Male

    About the artist

    Vikram Kushwah's photography instills in it Romantic visions and Surrealist ideas. His projects have strong narrative themes inspired by the somewhat uncanny nature of dreams and how the memory distorts real facts. Many a time his own childhood imagination fueled by the storybooks he read as a child, have led him to doing elaborate stagings for his photographs.

    Wonder, like curiosity, can make seemingly impossible things happen; it's time for wishful thinking to have its due.

    Vikram studied fashion design after high school which helped him chance upon the medium of photography. After working as an assistant photographer in Mumbai for a year, it was time for some intensive formal education in the subject. He then studied photography for a year in the quaint and hilly town of Ooty in south of India before moving to London. Vikram did a PG diploma at London College of Communication and finished his MA in Photography at UCA, Rochester, UK. He now lives and works as a commercial and art photographer in London.