Vincent Mauger


    • Drawer
    • Installation
    • Sculptor


    Galerie Bertrand Grimont, Paris

    About the artist

    My approach is focused on the research of a concrete realization of what could be a mental space.
    What i mean by "mental space" can be the structure of thought constructed in front of a space, or virtual universes, or mathematical or schematical constructions that can be made for everyone to project itself in a place faraway or inexistent.

    I often bring together a real space (exhibition space) and the mental representation of another space.
    Using ordinary construction material, i build landscape representations, sort of mental landscapes which are very close to computer graphics or to mathematical and diagrammatical imagery. I draw closer real construction techniques and scientific virtual imagery techniques. I am looking to create a parallel and to show similities between a concrete construction system and a reasoning (mental construction).

    With my creations i try to interrogate the ideas of architecture and urbanism.
    By using construction material in order to formulate fragments of landscapes, I play with different scales, inviting people to move physically and mentally. It's all about creating process, creating simple systems of construction, and then presenting open creations that comes from those systems. The assembly principles remain visible, so that the spectator can use it mentally and imagine the pursuit of the construction or think of a composition change.

    My sculptures are made of simple materials : wood, fabric, tiles, plastics or metallic tubes. Those material remain identifiable but the way I use them creates a strange gap with their ordinary appearance. Those sculptures constitutes a start or a sketch that could be developed in space. For example in the inside of a building, we can discover fragments of a landscape, which are in some way the prolongation of space, making concrete mental images and a space favorable to reflection.