Vincent Solheid


    • Male

    About the artist

    Vincent Solheid was born into a deeply Catholic family and although currently is a declared agnostic, on numerous occasions through his work he appropriates and plays endorsing the symbols of Christian idiosyncrasy, until they become parodies modifying or eliminating the tragic burden of the images. 

    Vincent´s artworks are related to Christianity and pagan rites, particularly around a recent investigation carried out in relation to two Belgian abbeys and carnival procession between both promoted by a strange priest.

    His last exhibition is divided into two rooms, in the first one a huge chariot procession welcomes us, consisting of a red confessional, a wooden platform with wheels on the back holding a large metal armor and this, in turn, wings assembled from different materials.

    All of this is adorned with small figurines of dolls (animals dismembered, decapitated barbies, religious images metamorphosed, cigarette butts ...) and a large number of stockings hanging from the wings, as well as rosaries and crucifixes, or a drum and an image of Christ on the top of the confessional.  

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