Virxilio Vieitez


    • Male


    About the artist

    1930: He was born in Soutelo de Montes, Forcarei, Pontevedra
    2008: He died in the same town he was born

    He started working in construction at sixteen and emigrated to Catalonia to perform similar work. In Palamós Pallí met Julio who taught him the craft of photography.
    He began working as a photographer in the Costa Brava doing portraits of tourists, returned to Galicia in 1955 and soon after opened a photo studio in his hometown, thus had the opportunity to portray many generations of residents of the Land of Mountains almost anonymous.
    His photographs are portraits of individuals and groups in social events such as communions, baptisms or funerals, but also in everyday activities, regarding his technique most of his pictures are in black and white but in the seventies made ??some in color.
    He left the photographic activity in the eighties, but in the nineties his work was revalued starring Photo representation Galician in the eighth edition of Fotobienal of Vigo in 1998 and then at the Museum of Contemporary Art MARCO, in the Exhibition Hall Caixanova of Vigo, in the exhibition "150 years of Photography in Spain" selected by Publio Lopez Mondejar who was in Corunna and Orense, in the sample Al gust of Cartier-Bresson in Barcelona, Amsterdam and New York.

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