• weare QQ

    About the artist

    1976: Vicente Vázquez born in Tarragona
    1979: Usúe Arrieta born in Arrasate
    2003: Known in Cuenca and begin to collaborate with the name weareQQ

    The audiovisual production has a very important-but-not only in their  career, with titles like The Enemy, mouth, Canedo, The Huesera or the number preventive Crafts. In parallel to the development of their work, exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, and film festivals both in Spain and abroad, weareQQ have given lectures and workshops at universities and centers of creation. Currently residing in Barcelona and have a studio in the center production Hangar, Barcelona.

    On the basis of their interest to do lies the ability to reflect on the art practice of intervening in the very structures that support it. For example, in their projects tend to relate to individuals, communities and places that make up the contexts in which they operate, with the will to demonstrate the links that interrelate and try to activate changes. His modus operandi meets certain heuristic logic; combine the score and the accidental with rigorous planning, in a kind of script that combines experience and fiction.