Will Eskridge


    • Male
    • Painter
    • animal

    About the artist

    From the earliest stone tool to the latest microchip, human innovation has provided society with countless conveniences for thousands of years. Many of these inventions have exploited animals and their habitats for benefit of food, companionship and entertainment. As factories, assembly lines and automated technology continue to shape our culture, these technological processes affect the natural environment while animals attempt to survive and find their place in the modern world. Simple geometric shapes conjure up ideas of the dawn of industrial progress and contrast the realistic depictions of animals that represent the vigor of nature. Individualizing the animal unveils the faceless notions of livestock commodities, industrialized farming and mass breeding that is prevalent in our society, yet hidden from (or ignored by) the general public. Questions are provoked about the costs to our animal brethren that allow our modern conveniences to arrive at our doorstep.