Willi Rommel


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Collage
    • Installation

    About the artist

    Willi Rommel, 40 years, artist plastic by vocation, self-taught, musician and skateboarder from chico. Passion for the table is what boosted the love of painting and Collages, urban culture and art in all its facets are closely related by being a "lifestyle". Expressed with painting its connection with the environment, expressing feelings, thoughts and situations of everyday life playing with the chaos of the color.
    journeys, people who know on the road and life itself are the things that motivate the artist to continue growing and creating to share their passion.
    in the last year has been exhibiting works in different places of Buenos Aires , as it shows collective point zero in the garden botanical of the Inta of Hurlingham in commemoration by the day international of them Gardens botanical, bars of it area south of the great Buenos Aires and recently in it shows annual Boards & Arts Exhibition that is performed in the Dorrego, district Audiovisual them days 30 / 11 and 01 / 12 of the year 2016.
    2017 ripped with the edition of the disc of a band of rock Malaga "the Maruja and others herbs" being the responsible of the art of cover for the Edition that is will find to the sale in all Spain. Currently preparing various samples starting from the month of April 2017.-