William Litwa


    • Male
    • Digital artist
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    The objects I depict do not exist as physical entities. They exist only in the temporal event of the scan. Through this process, a glimpse of the stone's "spirit" is extracted and displayed. This process is that of both discovery, in the sense of physics, and evocation, in the sense of myth.

    Both physics and myth, however, intersect. Physics, like mythology, fulfills the same function as any other myth by describing the universe to make it more easily understandable, to help us be unafraid of the dark.

    But contemporary physics is in disarray. No longer do scientists argue over the truth; instead, they embrace the all-encompassing, all-powerful String theory, a "theory" without a single testable equation. Rather than exploring the dark, scientists now fear it.

    I challenge this by leaping with both feet into the dark, creating the semblance of a theory of the universe in my imagery. Although I create images, I imagine myself as a scientist of sorts, acting as recordkeeper of the discoveries I have devised through my imagery, which offers a record of the universe behaving quite unlike the expected.

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