Wiyoga Muhardanto


    • Male

    About the artist

    BFA, Faculty of Art & Design, Majoring Sculpture Studio, Institut Teknologi bandung
    1984: Was born in Jakarta

    Wiyoga Muhardanto’s artworks has shown a tricky behaviour by mimicking many realistic objects and made their replicas in resin. This is not just because he was trained in formal sculpting school, but also because he tends to seek the symbolic quality of the daily and material stuffs.

    What is interesting is that in order to do this Muhardanto prefers to work in a somewhat traditional manner. Because it is his intention to use the “found signs” instead of found objects, he never really use ready-made materials without leaving a his personal touch on it. He tends to rely on the conventional methods of sculpting, recreating the objects through meticulous work and choice of industrial material, such as resin, instead of merely using found objects.

    These objects are also accompanied by a context in their presence in a certain space, such as in an exhibition event, that turns them into signs that pose a characteristic surprise, full of humour yet also subversive in nature.

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