Xavier Moreno Prats


    • Male
    • Hyperrealist

    About the artist

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    XAVIER MORENO PRATS Barcelona, 1968

    e-mail: moreno.prats@gmail.com


    Xavier Moreno Prats pint the reality that surrounds it, a reality current , daily immersed in era that we live , without seeking beauty or leave it of find , only paint what he catches it in then both by reason as by the light to receive and try to find that balance so complicated to make a work realistic . by that what you would like to is make an realism poetic with its light and expressive with its reality, always on the basis of which everything is possible approach to the painting and painting is about to , only depends on at a glance intense and patient of the you are trying to extract this reality for translate it in fabric, a reality that does not want to an instant sinus the step weather, weather that has dedicated to each painting, to your light changing and duration hours, for this reason prevents paint objects in motion, to avoid breaking this concept weather and creates a more work whole, shocking and lasting. but all this these are the words and importantly is it really the work that is with their consequential damages evolve techniques and above all the way of looking at and of do, that is changing with step of the years.

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