Yolanda Domínguez


    • Female
    • Performance


    About the artist

    Yolanda Domínguez is a Spanish artist who works from what is disquieting, handling situations that are sensitive and disturbing for the spectator. Her aim is to generate social criticism and a reaction.
    Via the main strategies of irony and decontextualisation, she creates situations or settings in which the spectators find themselves involved and can take part. These experiences are inserted in real life contexts in order to have a profound emotional and mental impact on the spectators and actively involve them in the proposal.

    She develops projects about social subjects, related to gender and consumption: in 2008, she filled the streets of Madrid with posters in which a woman offered to do everything that is expected from a traditional wife in exchange for an economic status. In another of her interventions, she had an actress dressed in Louis Vuitton begging for a Chanel product in front of their very shop. One of her works about rivalry between women ended up being the image of the opening of the January sales used by various national newspapers.

    Her actions, aimed at both men and women, incite debate and many of them have become known in the media and have generated significant controversies. Her work "Poses" has had over 800,000 views on YouTube and has been globally on television, radio and newspapers.