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    About the artist

    Lives in Tokyo
    1980: Was born in Tokyo

    Yuma Yoshimura a.k.a. YUMANIZUMU was born in Tokyo in 1980. After receiving certification as a printer in Tama University (2004) and to have had his first experiences in the professional field customizing shoes, decided to focus his art in painting.

    A remarkable moment in his career came after his first solo exhibition in Germany (2011), when he was invited as artist in residence in Soweto (South Africa), a city built under apartheid to house the black African population, in order to participate in a mural project. An intervention which continued with subsequent solo exhibition in the capital, Cape Town, under the title "Yin and Yang Is Into You", and received a great reception.

    In his works he reflects, through color and other primitive forms that has been finding along their travels, the hustle and bustle that surround us in big cities like the one he grew up in

    He currently has his studio in Tokyo, but works around the world. Among his best known series are "People Who Can Not Refuse" and "African Fusion".

    Source: Montana Gallery Website

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