Zbigniew Dlubak


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    About the artist

    1926: Was born in Radomsko, Poland
    2005: He died August 21, 2005 in Warsaw.

    Zbigniew Andrzej Dlubak (1921–2005) was a Polish painter, photographer, and art theoretician.

    In 1945 he returned to Poland, where he took an active part in the reconstruction of Polish artistic life after six years of foreign occupation. He became one of the cofounders of Grupa 55. He also cooperated with various art galleries and artistic groups, among them Krzywe Kolo, Wspólczesna, Mala GaleriaLabirynt, Zamek, Remont, Permafo, and Foto-Medium-Art. Between 1953 and 1972 he was editor-in-chief of the Fotografia monthly. He was also a tutor at the National Film School in Lódz and at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Lódz.

    In 1975 he organized a group of youngsters interested in art theory into the Seminarium Warszawskie (Warsaw Seminary) group and discussion club. In 1982, during the period of Martial law in Poland, he was allowed to leave the country and settled in Meudon near Paris. He died August 21, 2005 in Warsaw.

    In his oeuvre he had, among others, series of paintings (Wojna, Macierzynstwo, Amonity, Antropolity, Movens, Systemy) and cycles of photography (Egzystencje, Gestykulacje). He was one of the winners of 'Nagroda Prezesa Rady Ministrów I stopnia' (The Prime Minister's Award of the I Grade) in 1979.

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