Zdzisław Kruszyński


    • Male
    • Abstract expressionist
    • Drawer
    • Painter


    Galeria Z, Mlawa, Poland

    About the artist

    Zdzislaw Kruszynski was born in 1960 in Mlawa, where he has been running his own Art Gallery “Z” since 1993. He goes in for painting, drawing and graphic art. He is a participant in many plein air workshops and exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He belongs to the Society and the Club of Creative Work in Ciechanów. He studied in Art University in Gdansk. In 1995 he was decorated by the Minister of Culture and Art with a badge of “A distinguished Person Actively Engaged in Culture”. In 2004 he was decorated with a medal of “A distinguished person for Mlawa” In 1998 he designed and performed the main altar painting in the Mother of God- the Queen of Poland” Church in Mlawa. In 2004 he designed and performed two triptychs titled “The Door to Mlawa” which can be found in the town hall in Mlawa. His works can be found in museums, churches and other institutions and many private collections in Poland and abroad.


    1986 - Art Gallery 'Polonia House' in Pultusk
    1987 - Gallery "Golden Lion" Old Town in Gdansk
    1988 - Art Gallery 'Lech' in Gdansk
    1989 - Art Gallery "Golden Lion" in Gdansk
    1991 - Art Gallery "Gino" Plock
    1992 - Art Gallery "Piotrowska" in Lodz
    1993 - Art Gallery "Ewan" in Elblag
    1994 - Gallery "Stewan Popowski" - Hotel "Intraco" in Warsaw
    1995 - Exhibition in Haldensleben, Germany
    1995 - Museum in Ciechanow
    1995 - Museum in Golotczyzna
    1996 - Office of art exhibitions - Gallery "C" in Ciechanow "First Winter Salon"
    1996 - "George's Shooting Range" in Gdansk
    1997 - Museum in Opinogora
    1997 - Museum in Biezun
    1997 - Hundisburg, Germany
    1997 - Haldensleben, Germany
    1998 - Gallery of Contemporary Art "Pro Arte Pax" in Elblag
    1998 - The Artus Court in Gdansk
    1998 - Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk
    1999 - Juszkiewicz's Museum in Mlawa
    1999 - Exhibition in Klamm, Austria
    1999 - Teresa and Wolfgang Nippgen's Gallery, Dresden, Germany
    2000 - Museum of 'Ziemia Zawkrzenska' in Mlawa
    2001 - Centre of Culture and Art in Ciechanow                                             2002 - International Exhibition in Office of art exhibitions - Gallery "C" in Ciechanow
    2003 - Continuing Education Center in Dzialdowo
    2003 - Museum of History in Przasnysz
    2004 - Church of the Holy Spirit in Mlawie
    2004 - State Higher Vocational School in Mlawa
    2005 - Gallery "Olga" in Gdansk
    2005 - Exhibition in Saverne, France
    2005 - State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw Branch in Mlawa
    2006 - Exhibition in Duszniki Zdroj, Poland
    2007 - "Golden Terraces" in Warsaw
    2007 - Cultural Centre in Osteroda
    2008 - Forest District 'Kudypy' Gietrzwald
    2008 - Gallery JW Garrison Club in Wroclaw
    2009 - "Rotary Club" in Olsztyn
    2009 - Municipal Cultural Centre in Plonsk
    2010 - Exhibition in Sandomierz, Poland
    2011 - Gallery "Bell Tower" in Wilanow
    2012- Mazovian Museum in Plock