Zoran Tosic Tosha


    • Male
    • Installation
    • Painter
    • Neoconceptual
    • Sculptor
    • Print


    ZTTOSHA, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    About the artist

    Zoran Tosic a.k.a. Z.T. Tosha a.k.a. Tosha was born in Mostar, of the former Yugoslavia. Growing up in Mostar with its diverse physical geography as well as traveling extensively throughout his youth, Tosha’s childhood memories are filled with the beauty and power of nature, natural disasters and forces of circumstances, many of which continue to shape his repertoire of motifs: earthquakes, volcano, ice, gravity, fast-moving water with powerful waves and long rapids.
    Tosha attended the “Fine Art Academy” at University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1982 -1987. Whilst studying at the Academy, Tosha began to incorporate sounds into some of his works. His sound sculptures were recognized as acute and original by the organizers of “Yugoslavian documents ‘89”. The organizers included his work in the international show as well as the subsequent publication featuring the most important artists of Yugoslavia. Drawn to Abstract Expressionism and sound installation in 1989 Tosha left Sarajevo and accepted an invitation to exhibit and leisure in The Netherlands, where he still lives today. Dissatisfied with his pictuers, Tosha sought to develop a music based in every day sounds, Bird Song and Sound of Alarm; Tosha’s artistic experiments in destabilizing the frame of reference were very opposite of the “single-meaning” of his exhibitions at the time. While his “Sound Sculptures” article emphasizes sound resonators, some of the combinations of vibrating elements, energizing agents and modulating devices his paintings motifs at the time were both contemporary scenes, which placed him close to Pop art, and copies of Modern Master paintings.

    ZT Tosha:

    " My aim is to create a new situation, a new meaning for an image that was physically made by me, such as painting, drawing or photography, by manipulating them with Photoshop.
    I’m not interested in interpreting the works I record on a digital camera but through image adjustments and filtering techniques of Photoshop manipulation, to create reinventions.I want to see how the digital image has become implicated in the understanding of my oil paintings, drawing or objects. The fact that I can draw or paint has no importance for my art right now.
    It is the digital image that matters, a series of the mental decisions that I make at the time.
    My art is nothing other than computer data, combinations of 0s and 1s stored on a hard disc that can be transformed from digital to hard copies and of ultimate importance is not who physically makes them, but the ideas they generate.
    The result alone matters: whether or not it is a striking image. "


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