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    2012/13 Annette Krauss


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    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 18, 2013

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    Whitechapel Gallery

    77-82 Whitechapel High Street
    United Kingdom

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    • Annette Krauss


    Annette Krauss (based in Utrecht/NL) is an artist whose conceptual-based practice addresses the intersection of art, politics and everyday life. Her research revolves around informal knowledge and institutionalised normalisation processes. Krauss' work emerges through the intersection of different tools including performance, film, historical research, pedagogy and written material. With these tools, she explores the possibilities of participatory practices and performativity, investigating institutional structures in order to work and think through the question - how do we know what we know?

    For the Whitechapel Gallery Artist in Residence Programme 2012/ 13, Krauss engages students and teachers of St. Paul's Way Trust, Tower Hamlets and Cumberland School, Newham with her ongoing projectHidden Curriculum. This project investigates forms of learning in school outside the official curriculum, and the informal ways in which secondary school students learn from one another. Together with the students Krauss aims to find possibilities to address informal knowledge, unrecognized and undesired learning in the context of institutionalised normalization processes. These specific interests inform an investigation into the schools and the Whitechapel Gallery itself.

    Explorations continue through the school year 2012-13. Students continue to work on a variety of projects including, an investigation into a “Missing Lesson” at school,  Undercover Studies’ that explorethe unwritten rules that govern the institutions of gallery and school and finding out about the similarities and differences between the two institutions. Underpinning all these tasks the students discuss through continuous debate and performative situations the functions of unseen structures that shape our lives and influence the way we know, see and act in the world..


    As an extension to the ideas already explored through Hidden Curriculum, Krauss is delving into an interdisciplinary collaboration with teachers and students of the Maths department of the secondary school exploring the  increased  mathematisation of everyday life and its relation to art and education. This specific parallel project builds on collaborative research with curator and educator Claudia Hummel and will be the focus for discussion in the Hidden Curriculum discussion event on Thursday 18April 2013.

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