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    Dates and Opening hours

    SEP 21, 2012 to JAN 06, 2013

    Event Location

    Centro de Arte Moderna - CAM - Fundaçao Calouste Gulbenkian

    Rua Dr. Nicolau de Bettencourt

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    The anthological exhibition of Carlos Nogueira (Lourenço Marques, 1947) presents a broad selection of his artistic production, ranging from the beginning of his activity (1968) up to the present, and articulating the performance practice of the early days with the sculpture of more recent times. At the same time, the importance of the project in his work is highlighted, namely through a selection of drawings and photographs bearing witness to the relevance and constancy of these processes over the course of his trajectory.


    While in the initial years (linked to performance) his main interest was to explore issues associated with transience, direct contact with the spectator and the dismantling of the authorial status of his work, in recent years (through sculpture) his work has sought permanence, construction of meaning on the part of the public and the establishment of relationships with the places in which it is installed.


    A number of conceptual concerns pervade his work such as research into ways of relating with others, the quotidian and landscape, the interpellation strategies of the spectator and the questioning of ways of inhabiting spaces.


    Sculpture and large scale objects have come to represent protagonism in the work of Carlos Nogueira over the last twenty years. They have stemmed from the projects of previously selected spaces and focus on the conditions of such space and the human scale. Overall, they set out to materialise ways of perceiving space and landscape and revolve around complementary notions such as inside/outside, vertical/horizontal, far/near, depth/surface, visible/invisible, dark/bright, heavy/light, permanence/ ephemeral or day/night.


    Their architectural appearance integrates a constructive dimension which exposes the used process and means, such as the manual gesture of repetition and overlapping of industrial materials of current production (iron, glass, wood, mosaics). Each piece of work is almost always made up of several sculptural components that simultaneously articulate with series of «drawings», small three-dimensional objects with an iron and wooden structure, elaborated in invisible and successive layers, recalling similar processes that are more evident in the sculptures.


    His work on paper and the small objects work on the project dimension, the repetition of gestures, the constructive intention, the exploration of writing and the re-use of undifferentiated materials. Prepared for wall installation, at eye level, and elaborated with a number of materials and forms, they both share the challenging classification of «drawings», given by the artist.


    The plastic and conceptual passage of his interest in landscape and daily objects is expressed by means of narrative elements such as the sky, clouds, sea, land and wind, in an attempt to poeticize the human occupation of territory, thus explored through the house, patio, balcony, floor and other geometries associated with inhabiting.


    The set of drawings and photographs registering performances/ installations, street and mail actions, highlights his interest in direct interpellation with the spectator, in the fluid and changing nature of natural phenomena (solstices, storms) and in popular culture – related aspects (wooden toys, embroidered cloth).

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