• Adivinación y magia en la antigua Grecia. Seminario a cargo de Emilio Suárez de la Torre


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    MAY 02 to JUN 06, 2013

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    CCCB - Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

    Montalegre, 5

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    The Ancient Greece was not only rationality, balance, moderation. There is another side of Greek culture. It is that of a people who want to know what fate holds for him and you need to talk to the gods, a town on fire with fears, passions, questions, concerns. To get in touch with the divine were these extraordinary beings we include in the category of diviners and were those places or those texts that was the answer of the gods. To meet those other needs that meet assumed loves and hates, achieve success, protect from evil or speak with the dead, was the world of magic and its protagonists. Greek myths and literature that shapes them are full of predictions and spells, of prodigious facts, figures with extraordinary powers, able to predict, heal and resurrect, or magicians who turn humans into animals. But we also have objects and documents that allow us to live so live the world of magic: with curse tablets, papyrus with powerful recipes to love or kill.
    In sum, this course aims to provide, in an entertaining and accessible but rigorous in its treatment, complete a picture as possible of the other side of the Greeks which corroborates the old motto of the ancient Greeks also are we.

    1. The prodigious Greek soothsayers.
    Two. Where the gods speak: oracular shrines.
    Three. Ads doomsday: sibyls and oracles collections.
    April. Magas, magicians, magic: in literature and in everyday life.
    May. The spell to all: the curse tablets.
    June. Manuals magic papyri: the seduction of immortality.

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