• FEB 08 to MAR 09
    Solo Exhibition
    Alex Kuznetsov . Abstract Spraypainting


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 08 to MAR 09, 2013

    Event Location

    Montana Gallery Barcelona

    Carrer Comerç, 6

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    Alex Kuznetsov was born in 1978 in Belarus (also known as "White Russia") and has been representing the last 15 in the streets as one of the first graffiti writers emerged from the former USSR.
    In recent years it has come a long way, evolving creatively within the graffiti and design, in a constant search for a personal style.

    Along this path has used different names: Iks, Temos, Monk, Awek, Ners or Liquid. Has moved its letters to adhesives, stencils and murals in various cities around Europe, countries of the former Soviet Union and Asia.
    Within this personal development, in a constant search for the right way, has also been important all the time spent in conversations and discussions with other artists about new styles and forms of communication.

    It was finally passed in 2010 when the world of graffiti and "writing style" development of canvas with an abstract concern. He had his first experiences in Hong Kong murals and more in depth on the canvas in the studio. This is where he discovered how to convey emotions with passion through color, moving and full of expressive lines superimposed layers. Once occurred suddenly, without warning, and it still holds today these vibrations transmitted from the inside out.

    An artist who continues to be surprised by everything that surrounds and occurs in this world in which we live, and transmit it with spray paint on canvas. An artist who believes that art is not the only figurative through which you can establish a dialogue between the artist and the audience, and that is far from any border or lines of understanding to let, heart to heart, are the the true colors of all these emotions transmitters.

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