• FEB 22 to MAR 29
    Solo Exhibition
    Algunos pasajeros


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Modern Art

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 22 to MAR 29, 2014

    Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00 Sunday and Monday closed.

    Event Location

    La New Gallery

    Carranza 6

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    Some passengers.

    I am amazed by the idea that I live in this world with seven thousand million other people. It is an immense fact. Each of us having our own genome and soul. Unrepeatable individuals continuing the existence waterfall. And the number multiplies up to infinite if you think about all of those who have been before us and who have left a trace that we now follow or abandon. I don’t believe they have disappeared. That being the case, we would not go into the mystery of evolution, or we would not listen to a suite by Bach feeling the music so alive, so present.

    I am fascinated by the human being; I never get tired of watching the faces and the distinctive features of each one of them. The movement of the bodies, of the clothes, of the eyes… We all change just like the clouds in the sky do, stealthily, non-stop. It is odd to see that there are people who share gestures, who have the exact same nose, or that they immediately remind you of someone you know, even if they belong to another time period, another country or another gender. I try to transfer this astonishment to my painting, making the inner image, sensorial and undefined, but intense, go to the outside through something so physical and fluid like oil and become a painting, in a space inhabited by the portrayed character.

    The process is always complex. I never really know how I am going to paint an artwork when I start it. There is no certain method. I can just trust that if I get focused and let myself go, without fearing failure, the painting will go building by itself.
    I do not pretend for there to be a specific message, if I do then the painting is born dead. I do not believe it is necessary.

    SOME PASSENGERS is a small album of portraits. There you can find a few of my friends, many strangers, made up characters, musicians and artists I admire… Everything new under the sun.

    Juan Fernández Álava


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