• JAN 17 to MAR 23
    Solo Exhibition
    American People. Marc Sijan


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 17 to MAR 23, 2019

    Event Location

    Two Ar Gallery

    C/ Acisclo Díaz, 7 bajo

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    Under the title "American People" Two Art Gallery Marc Sijan (1946), artist's reference, and one of the main figures of the international hyper-realism, presents for the first time and exclusively the work of sculptor of Serbian origin through is a tour consisting of fourteen key parts of his career. Considered one of the greatest exponents of the so-called American Hyperrealism, place that shares with Duane Hanson and John de Andrea, the work of Marc Sijan is not only part of important collections, but that it has been more of fifty individual exhibitions in prominent museums around the world. Based on a real scale, as learned in his early days as an Assistant in the Studio of the legendary Duane Hanson, back in the 1970s, his works offer a detailed vision of how evolved the American society from a point of view completely objective, and away from any type of idealization, through sculptures so real that at some point they seem to breathe due to his amazing technical quality. Few artists have the ability to overcome the barriers of reality in such a way that it is almost impossible to not fall into the temptation to approach as much as possible so crossing that line than is normally permitted though to be able to extract its essence is essential to keep still, at some distance, and look at their eyes, just so the work of Marc Sijan is revealed in its entirety. Every freckle, every detail, wrinkles, skin stains …, ultimately the time expressed in its different stages are trapped by the artist in a complex and meticulous methodology that can last up to six months which means you have a reduced annual production. With a great knowledge of the human body, the artist is not limited to offer a perfect and extreme representation of reality but goes beyond and captures the innermost of each of their characters part its flaws and shortcomings, moods, so that the Viewer, to confront his works, gets to empathize with them, thus transferring the physical limits marked by the sculpture to try to discover its part m as human, the reason for those looks melancholy, loss, perhaps the reason for his apparent frustration and loneliness. If add an incredible capacity to represent the different textures of skin, in an arduous process of work created from more than twenty-five extremely thin layers of paint which, according to glaze, the artist is overlapping with a technical mastery, the result is more than shocking..., his repertoire of cops, cleaning ladies, bathers, and trades people several immediately moved to the daily life of those people they form deep America call. In fact, through his sculptures, the artist draws a social Chronicle of the context where unfolds, men and women, young and old, normal people who are part of their environment are now immortalized as key players in its Gallery of characters, as in the case of the work "Securitiy Guard", portrait of his own father. Not forgotten those most representative icons of American society as players of American football, the NBA, or cowboys, until a Christ crucified in which the artist assumes the role of the image, works as a whole they represent an objective Chronicle of society of their time, their environment, and his own life but that sometimes have been wrapped in a some controversy, as in the case of his nudes of young women loaded with a great eroticism and sexuality, or one that represents a man died on a forgotten table in the morgue.

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