• APR 20 to MAY 18
    Solo Exhibition
    Andrea Kvas - Boy With Bucket


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 20 to MAY 18, 2013

    Martes - el sábado 12.00-18.00 y con cita previa

    Event Location

    Chert Berlin

    Skalitzerstrasse 68

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    Chert Gallery is pleased to present Andrea Kvas' first solo exhibition in Germany.

    Kvas' research has been devoted to questioning the nature of paintings and painting practice. In recent years the Italian artist has created an impressive and prolific group of works, which interrogate the relationship between a painting and its own structure. The support is either removed or made to become part of the piece itself.

    Kvas deals with his work from every side, including the inside, of the material; pigments structure and penetrate every part of the polyurethane foam, creating full blocks of colour. The canvases are treated in the same way, with layers of colour penetrating the inner fibres of the cotton.

    There is no preferential way of viewing these pieces. Since there is no linear front, back or base, they can be moved, turned and placed in different positions. With this approach, deterioration is an inevitable, intrinsic part of the process.

    The core of Kvas' recent research is to put the artworks in a condition which forces the viewer, and the artist himself, to deal with the limits of perception. Untitled, abstract, informal and purely physical, Kvas' work produces perplexing questions. This tension can only be released by removing our pre-conceptions, to enjoy their presence.

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