• MAR 09 to APR 13
    Solo Exhibition
    Andrea Lehmann: Athelda


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAR 09 to APR 13, 2013

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    Gerhard Hofland Bilderdijkstraat 165C 1053 kp Amsterdam

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    Gerhard Hofland is delighted to announce the second solo exhibition of Andrea Lehmann, presenting paintings and works on paper.

    For Andrea Lehmann (1975 Düsseldorf), painting is a natural way of understanding the world. With great clarity and lightness of touch, she produces a concentrated stream of images that at first sight appear to lack any coherent thread. Like dreams, the possibilities and images are endless and the stream seems to obey no logic of any kind. Her depictions are both fairy-tale and blood-thirsty, reminiscent of scenes conjured up by the Brothers Grimm. And yet her themes and subjects are most surely drawn from the world around us. Mythical sites, historical events and legendary figures past and present are Lehmann’s inspiration. In almost all her work, she transforms these incidents into personal histories, which explains the frequent occurrence of her own likeness. Andrea Lehmann is not only scriptwriter and director, but the leading lady in this extraordinary world of theatre. Her style of painting has a surreal undertone, flirting with different imagery and situations, collaging visual elements together. Over the years, her work has evolved into a distinct, highly recognizable style. Lehmann’s virtuoso realistic way of painting is pervaded by an earthy tone that brings to mind seventeenth century painting and early photography. Moreover she ‘signs’ her work by gluing her own hair to it, and adding a final layer of dammar resin to her work. The new series of paintings are based on Athelda, a famous early 19th-century English circus artiste. Like a kind of feminine Hercules, she was a woman of exceptional strength who flaunted her strong-woman prowess lifting weights and human beings alike.

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