• FEB 08 to APR 28
    Solo Exhibition
    Andy Warhol


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    FEB 08 to APR 28, 2013

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    Event Location

    MAC Metropolitan Art Center

    10 Exchange Street West, Belfast, BT1 2NJ.
    United Kingdom

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    Over the course of a 30 year long career, Andy Warhol transformed contemporary art. This is the first significant exhibition of Andy Warhol’s work in Northern Ireland.

    Andy Warhol is one of the most influential American artists to emerge in the post-war period. The power of Warhol’s work comes from its focus on fundamental human themes – the beauty and glamour of youth and fame, material culture, the passing of time and the presence of death. Employing mass-production techniques, Warhol challenged preconceived notions about the nature of art and erased traditional distinctions between fine art and popular culture.

    The exhibition includes work from the ARTIST ROOMS’ impressive selection of 232 works which span the artist’s entire body of work and reflect his eclectic career and vibrant personality.

    The d’Offay Donation comprises a superb array of important works representing all phases of Warhol’s career and a cross-section of media. The collection includes a unique selection of late diptychs as well as the celebrated four-part ‘Camouflage’ of 1986.

    A selection of spectacular stitched photographs alongside a series of intriguing Polaroid self-portraits highlights his photographic work. The collection is complemented by 126 Warhol posters from all periods of the artist’s career, including his films and includes popular imagery from some of Warhol’s most famous works including Chairman Mao, Hamburger, cow wallpaper and references to the famous nightclub, Studio 54.

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