• APR 27 to JUN 01
    Solo Exhibition
    Arcade Paintings


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    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 27 to JUN 01, 2019

    Vernissage: Sábado 27 de abril a las 12:00 en Calle Sagasta n4, Sevilla

    Event Location

    Zunino Gallery

    Calle Sagasta nº4, 1º izq

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    • Jonathan Notario


    (automatic translation)

    "Arcade Paintings" is an exhibition that emerges from the collaboration between the Seville-based contemporary art gallery Gallery Zunino, directed by Anabel Zunino, and Malaga Gallery Eldevenir Art Gallery, directed by María Rosa Jurado. In this exhibition you can see a dozen of works of painting by the artist Jonathan Notario (León, 1981).

    Project "Arcade Painting":
    Arcade paintings is a project based on a series of paintings of illustrative character, inspired by videogame universes designed by notary, as an excuse to create new personal imaginaries that break the logic of conventional landscape and incorporate elements playful.
    "Arcade paintings reflects at the conceptual level, about videogames as evasion of reality in the new generations" Milennial. Fun that makes you forget the banal responsibilities of everyday life. Overcoming obstacles within a colorful fictional world, while leave aside the genuine responsibilities of the real world and adult.
    at a formal level the world of video games is an interesting inspiration because that allows me to much experimenting with compositions, colors and fictional universes, reflect on the boundaries between painting and sculpture, illustration, design, digital imaging and processing manual.
    the project is a below research on "Augmented reality", my previous project, on which reflected on the relationship between analogue and digital creating large installations of computer-inspired, but hand-made with cardboard in a sort of parody of the digital world and virtual reality."

    Jonathan Notario - HP
    Bio < br />(León,_1981). Bachelor in fine arts specializing in painting, design and audiovisual works by the same University in 2004. Continues his training with workshops given by leading practitioners in the field of culture, as Tania Pardo, Elena Vozmediano, Ana Cabello and Elena Carceller, Peio Aguirre, Nilo Gallego, Jon Mikel Euba, Teresa Solar, Carlos Pello, Antonio Montesinos and Karlos Gil.
    gallery space E (Lion).
    Kiosko de Campos (Gijón).
    Blanca Soto Gallery (Madrid).
    room 19th century Museum of Huelva. (Huelva).
    Blanca Soto Gallery. (Madrid).
    the House of the Carriegos Foundation. (León).
    Gallery mad is mad (Madrid).
    Gallery father Island (León).
    Gallery heap of wheat, lot of straw. (Segovia).
    showroom UGT. (Madrid).
    Festival of urban interventions arenas Movedizas (Gijon).
    MUA III (Alicante).
    L.A. Proyects (Madrid).
    IAC (Alicante).
    Centre, Cibeles (Madrid).
    Matadero Madrid-AECID) Madrid).
    Architects Association (Madrid).
    Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid).
    Palace of Quintanar (Segovia).
    the new gallery (Madrid).
    ECC (Berlin).
    Gallery Pilar Cubillo (Madrid).
    17 Art contemporani (Mataró, Barcelona).
    Blanca Soto Gallery (Madrid).
    space Wabi Sabi (Sevilla).
    Injuve (Madrid, Guatemala and Santo Domingo).
    space Gallery (Madrid).
    Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid).
    Art Madrid
    Arte Santander
    first prize of drawing, illustration and Comic, national competition of art Pancho Cossio.
    Prize hammock, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofi of videoart.
    selected in MADATAC 07 International Festival of video art.
    young value competition national prize of art Pancho Cossio.
    finalist Ojo Crítico from Radio Nacional of Spain awards in arts visual.
    Prize talent, the country.
    award proposals 2013, VEGAP.
    first prize Levis and sides Magazine.
    selected for participating in OPEN STUDIO 2012.
    Finalist Prize Antoni Gelabert de artes Plásticas.
    finalist award Guasch Coranti Foundation of painting.
    second prize call for projects of arts visual, Art Madrid Process.
    first prize Carriegos Visual Arts.
    Prize for plastic arts Universidad Complutense. Accesit.
    Injuve prize of plastic arts. Consolation prize.
    selected for temptations 09 program, Feria Estampa.
    Comic Prize young art of Castilla y León, organised by the Junta de Castilla y Leon.
    acquisition, contest art young Castilla Prize and you on.
    production Villalar Foundation scholarship. Castilla and Leon.beca to the North. Santander.Residencias artistic MUA. Alicante.
    scholarship to the NorteBeca of residence EMERGENT Torremolinos.
    Fellowship gathering of artists of Castilla y León. Fundación Villalar.
    grant of residence "El ranchito", Matadero de Madrid - AECID, Korea Japan.
    Residence in Cheshunt Project grant. New York.
    works in institutions
    collection Injuve.
    Foundation winterthur.
    collection caja de Burgos (CAB).
    Fundación Banco Santander.
    Council of León. Board of Castilla y León.
    Fundación Gaceta Regional de Salamanca. Cines Van Dick.
    town Hall of Santa colomba de somoza.
    Ayantamiento in San Justo de La vega.
    Space Trapeze.
    Huelva Museum

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