• JAN 26 to MAY 09
    Group Exhibition


    • Group Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    JAN 26 to MAY 09, 2013

    Vernissage: 25 January 2013 to 20: 30 and it will take place a performance of music and dance for the piece created by artist Mariana Castillo Deball.

    Event Location

    Matadero Madrid

    Plaza de Legazpi, 8.

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    Research into the past provides substantial information to understand the present.
      Society, history, religion, politics, urban planning and economy are encompassed by archaeology, where we find vestiges of all things past.  The evolution of mankind and the different societies that we have created over time are contained underground, or in plain sight, between reality and fiction.  From the oldest excavations to the archival and documentation work of history closer to the present day.  Why not include in contemporary archaeology the information leading up to the era of interplanetary exploration?  But we don't have to go so far, since an archaeological project might crop up just around the corner, by way of a building project in our city.
      The expedition to the site of the ruin, hidden or visible, creates a greatly interesting work mode.  The research done prior to exploration, together with the following years' analysis of the objects found, is a long process that seldom has a definite end, since one discovery leads to another in an area like archaeology where historical moments overlap, and new findings, that might occur in other places, always provide complementary information.
      Archaeological studies are an indubitable reference for a place's memory, of the people that lived there, of the events that occured at the site that is now a space for review and research.
    Within these parameters the contemporary art project-installtions created especially by eight internationally known artists will be displayed in Nave 16 at Matadero Madrid, between January 26, 2013 and May 9, 2013.

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