• NOV 02 to NOV 22
    Solo Exhibition
    Aus heiterem Himmel


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Photography

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 02 to NOV 22, 2013

    Every day from 18:00

    Vernissage: 22nd November at 18:00

    Event Location

    Circular Culture

    Leinestr. 48 Neukölln, Berlin

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    • Irene Cruz


    The audiovisual work of Irene Cruz together with the chosen texts
    to explain them invites us to think about our own vital
    boundaries. An immersion into the unexplored territories between
    light and darkness, a journey to travel with her through the
    instants when the day turn mysterious night.
    An invitation to cross the border between magic and reality,
    between the seen and the sensed, the continuous movement of the
    river and the strengthening stillness of the forest: the flow of
    the childish swing and the ghost of what we can not see or feel:
    that invisible thing that escape the frame.
    Irene´s photos and video show a poetic and raw Naturalism. A
    Baroque and misty Naturalism filtered by the visual metaphysic of
    Lars Von Trier and the visual poetry of Terence Malick. As Emile
    Zola said, naturalism can need no more than a fragment of nature
    view through a temperament. Irene Cruz´s temperament in like an
    anvil supporting the hammering of reality and turning the dreadful
    pounding sound into a soft scream of reality and existential
    The crazy but very lucid Salvador Dalí boast about his genuine
    naturalism when saying that he painted barefoot to feel the earth
    under his two feet. Irene Cruz photographs barefoot to feel the
    moist soil of the forest during the enchanted time of the late
    Fly, flow, live and jump. To fall again heavily in the real soil,
    to feel the moist of the mist, no longer Naturalist but turned
    into Romantic German poetry.
    Falling in the wet earth, barefoot and looking childish and
    bewildered, looking into the dark forest, knowing than only
    looking for it´s possible to find, even when there is no light.
    Making mistakes and learning from them. Erasing the digital board
    to re-write with an analogic pen: dying to be reborn, stronger and
    more powerful. Understanding nature in the monist way of Spinoza,
    as a totality submerged in Nature, a Nature that capture us and
    make us think of the physical and heavy as it were part of the
    Eduardo Rodríguez Merchán, Professor of The Universidad
    Complutense Madrid
    Irene Cruz (Madrid, 1987) has a masters in photography and art.
    She had several exhibitions in Spain and Germany and won some
    renowned prizes as the accésit in Fototalentos of Banco Santander
    The Video-Art will be played in loop during the night of the
    festival, November the 2nd, the photo exhibition will stay until
    the 22nd November.
    This project is a collaboration between Art und Weise Kunstraum
    und Heilbar and Circular Culture for the Festival for culture and
    art in Neukölln “Nacht und Nebel”.

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