• MAY 28 to JUN 30
    Solo Exhibition
    Berlín 50' Fotografías de Clara Bleda.


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 28 to JUN 30, 2013

    Event Location


    Quevedo 10 y Guillem de Castro 8 46001

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    The Project Berlin  50´by Clara Bleda  (Valencia, 1987) beyond the aesthetic judgment is of great documentary value. The documentary photographer acts as a delicate part of Berlin's contemporary reality with the intention of setting in photo media traces the history and relationship between the city and its inhabitants. Put another way, a mirror game, we can state that holds the documents in a document.

    This exhibition tries to convey, through a selection of ten photographs taken on film analog 50mm, the enigmatic environment and everyday life in Berlin 50 years after the erection of the wall that divided the city tragically for 28 years. The series reflects this relationship everyday focusing on remnants of past architectural, urban, emotional and psychogeographical of places and non-places of the German Democratic Republic. In the words of the photographer: "Walking the neighborhoods where intermingle times you can see a slow transformation, spaces full of history, traces of the GDR release combined with the art and reinvention."


    After staying for a few months and repeated trips to Berlin, the city has undergone Bleda and analyzed the profound differences between east and west, always in a respectful manner with its inhabitants-just show people portrayed in his photographs, visiting places like Tempelhof Airport, the Spree, or the headquarters of the Stasi and listening to the testimony they offer; capturing, ultimately, the passage of time from the curious eyes and intelligent who is in love with the story.

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