• NOV 23 to DEC 28
    Solo Exhibition


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 23 to DEC 28, 2012

    Monday to Friday: 9.00 h to 21.00 h

    Event Location

    Utopic Gallery

    Concepcción Jerónima 22

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    • Gustavo Manzano



    Travel is always an adventure, a promise of change, a perhaps borderless full of possibilities. Gustavo Manzano in this exhibition presents the personal experience of his trip through Latin America: one year ago I had the personal need to take a radical turn to my life and journey functioned as a natural transition to a new stage.

    in walking happening places and images that pass through the skin, finding us with the charm of the unknown, promises and the disappointments, freedom and nostalgia, empathy of feeling through a look full of humility and emotion contained in a fraction of a second.

    visited very poor countries inhabited by people who showed an inherited sadness. Many work from children getting barely survive, however, offer what little they have, open their homes and make you feel welcome. The colour is the protagonist of their customs. Clothes, facades, cults, generate surprising contrasts that provoke me reflections on psychology and symbolism of color, about human beings, about life itself.

    create, travel and imagine are three invitations to the same; three modes to go elsewhere, to places that we don't always understand, that often govern us with their unforeseen. We travel through the work of the painter of landscapes and exotic peoples, but above all we stop in faces of strangers with intense faces that have that life is serious.

    the painter through his paintings analyzes in depth the places you visit. Discover precisely the life of villagers, sits in the same places and applies the rhythm of life of those around him. His portraits and landscapes show the attraction by the unknown paths, intense introspection towards the feelings of the countrymen found: the gravity of their faces, the depth of their looks, the runaway nature of nostalgia. And throughout his work the same sensation: feel how life flows in each brushstroke, and everything, the Sun, the sky, streets and people conspires in favor of a view contained and passionate existence.

    travels to put life on the mantle of fantasy, than that beautiful mantle, as this exhibition not leave never join us.

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