• MAY 18 to JUN 08
    Group Exhibition
    Campo magnético


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    Dates and Opening hours

    MAY 18 to JUN 08, 2019

    Event Location

    Camarones Arte Contemporáneo

    Camarones 1645
    Buenos Aires

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    • Alberto Sassani
    • Guillermo Mena


    (automatic translation)

    Guillermo Mena and Alberto Sassani coexist in the brand-new space of contemporary art shrimp and in doing so generate a transient magnetic field, environmental tensions and attractions between two poles topography clearly different, and at the same time mysteriously related. If you chose to first examine the quality of their materials, we could establish a perfect arc between the alluvial prominence of wood recovered in Sassani, and the terminal presence of this wood as carbonized as active substance Mena drawing tool.

    For Sassani, wood is the hub of a true Semantic restoration: the artist combines recycled structures doors, frames, shelves, racks, and even dismembered parts of disused furniture, to reorder them in impressive equations of physical poetry. As an alchemical geometrician of carpentry, thoroughly search the best rhythmic organisation of orthogonal parts that has formed their alphabet. Thus, with the melancholy remains of a demolished secular utility, taking advantage of different densities, porosities, coloratura, and designs of the veins, Sassani erects a kind of constructive Museum of objectual artifice, bi and three-dimensional.

    Mena is the demiurge of the line, the texture, the plot and the stroke, expanded on an epic gesture and graphic character, there where drawing is no longer subjective record to become pure phenomenon , an autonomous body that ensues as a lavish natural catastrophe. The orographic allusions to the versions of afiebradas forests, the simulations of tectonic plates to the atmospheric mirages in storms of graphite, the artist produces its energy Rhizomatic Rhapsody in the fighting relentless of the black and white contrast, modulation and chiaroscuro, to Polish the edge of the most uncompromising expressiveness in the contentions of a logical Cartesian.

    Each at the head of their categorical artistic identity, with the eloquence of the convictions that reveal themselves strictly on the net manifestation of language, Sassani and Mena, Mena and Sassani also offered in the dynamic context of this new stage of experience effective two-faced mathematics site-specific joint, as outlining a hypothesis of counterpoint of dialectic in the form of corporeal metaphor.

    Eduardo Stupía

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