• MAR 17 to MAY 15
    Solo Exhibition
    Carmen Calvo


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    MAR 17 to MAY 15, 2017

    Event Location

    Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art

    Weihburggasse 26

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    Carmen Calvos work is unpredictable. The complex work of the Spanish artist (*1950 Valencia) is an accurate mirror of our world. There is no need for a special main topic as long as every new day is full of private tragedies and disasters, which increase to enormous extent for every single one of us.

    Carmen Calvo creates a surreal panopticon and she carries the inconsistency of our daily life to the extreme. For this she uses articles of daily use, used toys or household goods as work material. No difference whether in her painintigs or drawings, sculptures, installations or photography her work is always a process of unmasking. A process which forces the viewer to take a close look at those daily catastrophes and perversions which are normally under the pledge of secrecy. Carmen Calvos work challenges the viewer through subversive power as she focus on varied strategies of oppression such as violence against women, sexual abuse, destruction of childhood, crime, hatred, pain, blood and death. Beeing torned between concern and fascination every viewer is forced to become emotionally engaged.

    Carmen Calvos work manifests itself through a dramatic presence which makes it impossible to just consume it. As chosen form changes over time, the continuity of content remains. Carmen Calvos effort to attack encrusted systems and her need to make hidden visible is explained by her biography. She grew up in Valenica the epicentre of the antifascist fight against the perfect symbiosis of the Spanish ultra-catholic, fundamental patriarchal society and the flourishing Franco-Regime. This new generation of artists defined their dogma, that art must always be understood as a social and aesthetic commitment.

    Against this background it is of particular importance that Carmen Calvo was the first (!) women who representated Spain at Venice Biennale in 1997. 1999 Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art presented Carmen Calvos work for the first time in Austria.

    A large retrospective of Carmen Calvos work was shown at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Madrid in 2002. 2013 she received th "Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas". 2016/2017 „Sala Alcalá 31de Madrid“ presented "Carmen Calvo: Todo Procede De La Sinrazón (1969-2016). Main works of this exhibition are now shown at our gallery in Vienna.

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