• APR 26 to JUN 01
    Solo Exhibition
    Catastrophe & Idyll


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary

    Dates and Opening hours

    APR 26 to JUN 01, 2013

    Vernissage: Reception with the artist, Friday 24.04., 7pm

    Event Location

    Galerie Wagner + Partner

    Strausberger Platz 8

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    Catastrophe & Idyll exposition

    Almost ten years in the making, the internationally acclaimed series Real Landscapes by German photographer Thomas Wrede (1963), combines landscape panoramas with scenes using miniature models. In doing so, the suggestive power of images from the media as well as our own ways of seeing is questioned. In the overall context of Wrede’s practice, there are ironic, clichéd as well as romantic accents in his photographs.

    His newest works focus impressively on recent global catastrophes – ones that we are all more than familiar with through the Internet and television: Tsunami’s, Fukushima, Hurricane Katrina or the recent Sandy. Wrede works through a phenomenology of destruction via exemplary compositions and through subjective recreation.

    Whilst Wrede utilises anthropogenic or natural catastrophes like archetypes in this new series, the viewer will simultaneously experience the strength of their romanticism, which despite the times of digital manipulation, still retain their power. Thomas Wrede perfectly transforms these photographs with intentionally idyllic sunsets, winter or night scenes.

    I see the world as a big model, as a big set-design and simulation” (Thomas Wrede)

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