• NOV 17 to JAN 20
    Solo Exhibition
    Como si hubiéramos sido salvados


    • Solo Exhibition
    • Contemporary
    • Emerging Artists

    Dates and Opening hours

    NOV 17, 2012 to JAN 20, 2013

    Event Location

    Travesía Cuatro

    C/ San Mateo 16

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    "Run!...!Stop!...!Jump now! _ _ fuck you..."
    Notes about "As if we had been saved"
    "My work is not metaphorical", when I see a White Dove perch on the sill of any window of my house, I don't think in world peace or in the harmony of peoples, echo it in bad ways, saying by the low "rat with wings". Literalism has been a constant in my work. over the years direct reality experience is impossible to overcome, impossible to imitate, attempting to create a work that try to reproduce that impression always goes to be poorer than the original.
    on the basis of the items that reality provides, I intend to perform a new work, a new reality that produces a new printing, a new experience. the title of the exhibition, only aims to enhance the purpose theatrical images, not only by developing artificial of all works, but by the ambition of universalidady today and attachment to reality.
    since a few years ago, or think that since always, and without verbalizing it, music and, above all, the ritmo(las series, en mi caso, son la materialización plástica de un compás), have been fundamental in the development of my work. isolate in the flow of temporality, the introduction of a new rate, remove the "thing" of flowing, convert it to figure (muzzle V.), to admire "the things" way new.
    in this new series of non-documentary images (I love good documentary photography, Walker Evans is still my favorite photographer) try this last, out of the ordinary, what may even seem bland, these "things", these packagings, singling them, "create a new rhythm".
    I guess that give color to highlight how protagonist of each image, has that view with the rediscovery of authors such as Gerrit Rietveld, which buy books compulsively from makes five or six years. architecture is also important in my work.
    from the beginning, the series was conceived in black and white and in color, and didn't know how to resolve this dichotomy until the last month of March when finally gave the solution of photographs in black and white colored. Thus the compass and musicality are marked in a more evident way and works cease to be "instant". somehow has been fitted with the photographed object of another meaning, creating a perceptive experience, not imaginative.
    to finish, say that all the ideas that are behind my work, are good or bad, interesting or not, they try to get a "good way", a result good plastic. "the problem of the"milky way"is that, as a work of art, is banal" (C. Greenberg)
    Juan de Sande Madrid, October 18, 2012

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